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These talks provide helpful information about entrepreneurship, marketing, and branding. Events are not only great ways to absorb information, but the energy can be inspiring and if they're in person, they can offer networking opportunities. 


Thurs, Jun 13, 2023

Using AI in Business | Beyond Chat GPT

A recorded discussion about AI basics, and how small businesses can use AI smartly & safely. AI advisor, Keith Nugent, gave this talk a while back and I asked him if he'd give it again to me as more of a discussion and record it for others to watch. Enjoy!

Pricing Strategy for Entrepreneurs - Webinar video.jpg

Tues, Jan 30, 2023 - 2-3pm EST

Webinar: Pricing Strategies For Entrepreneurs

I give a high level overview of the various pricing strategies that entrepreneurs can take to set financially-sound competitive pricing that appeals to their target audience. 

Financial expert, Charles Comparetto of J.Galt and fractional CFO, Shlomo Denburg contribute expert commentary.


April 14, 2023

Workshop for Soullutions University: Who Gives A Brand?

Soullutions University is an business coaching educational program for entrepreneurs. I gave a refreshed versin of my workshop, Who Gives A Brand? to a group of entrepreneurs.


Sat, Mar 7, 2020 - Conference 9-5pm

I will be a guest speaker at LAM's 2020 conference. My session, called Branding Pupu Platter, is a taster of the various ways you can DIY branding for yourself and how it can strengthen your marketing efforts. I'll also host  LAM's speed networking session right before the closing mixer to get the after-party started. The day is filled with sessions designed to help women Flourish, Amplify & Shine. 


Coming Soon

Audience Motivations & Website Optimization
Convert Visitors Into Customers

Part 1: Map the Online Decision-Making Process of Your Target Audience

First we will develop what's known as a user persona of your website visitor, similar to a target audience profile but specifically for online. Then together we will map out the criteria under which these folks judge you. We'll also look at your competition. This information is vital to improve how useful and enjoyable your site is for visitors, and also for improving your website conversions (visitors who become customers). If you've signed up for Part 2, you'll be using this to evaluate your website. Laptop optional.

Part 2: Website Audit for Best Practices & Conversion Optimization

This will be an intensive work session where we will comb through several key pages of your website to evaluate it against your target audience's decision-making process, industry best practices, and user experience strategies to make it easy for visitors to take action or become customers. Attendees will leave with a detailed audit report which can be used as a to-do list for site edits. Bring a laptop.

Limited to 7-12 attendees. Part 1 is a pre-requisite for Part 2. Kona area.

$35 for Part 1, $60 for both

Make Your Website Work For You - HWA.jpg

Tues, May 21, 2023 - 4-5pm EST

Webinar: Make Your Website Work For You

Make Your Website Work For You! In this webinar I will share digital tools to increase the effectiveness of your website and show you how to use brand strategy tactics to make sure your website has got your back as a persuasive marketing machine.

Budgeting Strategy.jpg

Thurs, Dec 21, 2023 - 8-9pm EST

Webinar: Business Budgeting Strategies For Entrepreneurs

Financial expert, Charles Comparetto of J.Galt and I co-host this webinar on Business Budgeting Strategies For Entrepreneurs where fractional CFO, Shlomo Denburg, tells all.


Mon, Oct 10, 2022 at 12 noon HST

Guest Speaker for Rotary Club of Kona: What is branding and what can it do for your business?

Rotary eClub of Kona is made up of local businesses and they host networking events that double as providing a social outlet, business education, or supporting the local community. When they asked me to educate their crew on branding, I was delighted to do so.


Fri, May 22, 2020 - 10-11:00am

This live Zoom presentation is for West Hawaii Association of Realtors members and will cover:

  • What is Instagram best at?

  • Storytelling & the Hawaii Dream

  • Your Bigger Marketing Strategy

  • Hashtags & Content

  • Personal Branding on Instagram

  • Tools to Start & Stay Organized


Fri, May 17, 2023 - 11-12pm EST

The Home Internet Chronicles: Optimization Tips from an IT Pro

Learn how to optimize your internet connection if you're working from home from Adam Orenczak, owner of the IT firm, Onsite. He covers everything from equipment location, what affects speed, what speeds are good enough, and how equipment can help/hurt your internet speeds.

Who Gives A Brand - HWA thumbnail.jpg

Thurs, Oct 12, 2023 - 4-5:30pm PST

Virtual Workshop for Hawai'i SBDC: Who Gives A Brand?

Hawaii Small Business Development Center brought me in to give the latest version of my Who Gives A Brand? talk to their community of small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

LAM WGAB Facebook Post Animated.gif

Wed, Feb 26, 2020 - 6-8:00 PM HST

Who Gives A Brand? with LAM University

In this hands-on 2-hour workshop you'll learn what branding can do for your business and get started on a brand strategy for your company. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of their target audience, brand personality, brand “touchpoints”, and how to differentiate themselves within the marketplace.


Coming Soon

Single Page & Pau
Create a New Website

Part 1: Map Out Content, Sitemap, & Set Design Direction

Together we will map out what content (text, imagery, video, etc.) your site should have. We'll organize the content into an intuitive sitemap. Finally we'll do a creative work session to set a direction for the design including font selection, colors, and images. If you've signed up for Part 2, you'll be mapping out a single-page site. Bring a laptop.

Part 2: Start Building A Single-Page Website, Step by Step

This will be an intensive work session where we will rapidly create a single-page site from buying the domain name, building the site in Wix, and optimizing it for mobile. Attendees may opt to go live at the end or continue fine-tuning on their own and go live at a future date. Bring a laptop.

Limited to 3-5 attendees. Part 1 is a pre-requisite for Part 2. Kona area.​

$130 for Part 1, $200 for both



Right now all this is being created and new stuff will be added as the site grows! Would you like to get an update when a new tool, workshop, or event is added? Please provide me with your email address below and I'd be happy to let you know. I promise not to spam you or share your email address with anyone else.

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