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Use an Entrepreneurial Mindset to Spark Change in Your Life & Business

Are you an entrepreneur looking to level up your business? It’s difficult to create lasting change without first re-evaluating your identity and beliefs. On the other hand, when your identity or beliefs change, it can affect your potential, actions, and your circumstances.

Called Logical Levels, this phenomenon was originally discovered by anthropologist Gregory Bateson and further refined by Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach Robert Dilts. I was recently introduced to Logical Levels by business coach, James Wedmore. I was inspired to create a downloadable worksheet that explains the Logical Levels concept and has an exercise you can follow with a fillable PDF worksheet. James skips the top tier of the pyramid, but I’m including it as optional.

Get the Worksheet Here

Instructions for Logical Levels Worksheet

The exercise is designed to bring about some ah-ha moments and suggest a roadmap to reaching your goal future state.

  1. Download the three-page worksheet using the button above.

  2. You will be guided to write answers to the Logical Levels prompts twice: once for your current state, and once for your desired future state.

  3. On page 2 in the worksheet, give the present version of YOU a name that describes where you’re at now. Start filling it out one layer of the triangle at a time, starting with the bottom layer first.

  4. For your future desirable state, give yourself a descriptive name that hints at where you’d like to be in 12-18 months from now. Then fill out the sections of the triangle on page 3 from top to bottom.

LEVEL 1: Vision & Purpose

Why do I exist? (optional)

What do you feel your purpose is in life? This usually involves the connection you see between yourself and the universe - philosophically, spiritually. This level isn’t always included in the Logical Levels because it goes beyond the individual.

LEVEL 2: Identity

Who am I?

Your self-image and sense of self-worth. How you see yourself is shaped by your behaviors, abilities, and beliefs. Even though this is mostly unconscious, this is also your personal preferences, motivations, and passions.

LEVEL 3: Beliefs & Values

What are my beliefs?

Your convictions. What you believe is possible & necessary. The conscious and unconscious criteria that drive your actions. These are interpretations from previous experiences. Your individual theory of why something is the way it is, and not something different.

LEVEL 4: Skills & Capabilities

What can I do?

Cognitive ability. The level of intellect, strategy, and skill that you can apply to initiate change. This could be technical skills as well as social and critical thinking skills.

LEVEL 5: Behavior

What do I do?

What you do and say. What would others observe about your behaviors - what would they see, feel, or hear when you are carrying out an activity? This is your action and reaction in a particular environment. Describe your thoughts, actions, and the affects they had.

LEVEL 6: Environment

Where am I?

What is happening and in what time & space? External circumstances in which behaviors are expressed and in which humans are active. It’s particularly about the current time and the geographical location.


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